Chest Freezers

Learn which chest freezer is best for your home

Chest freezers are a smart investment for any family. A chest freezer enables you to stock up on food when it's on sale, and to preserve the freshness of a lot of food at once that would otherwise have gone bad before you had the chance to eat it -- especially meat.

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If you don't currently have a chest freezer but you do have a food budget, then getting some additional freezer space should be at the top of your purchase priority list. Of course, you will want to read online chest freezer reviews of the specific models you are considering before making a final decision, but here are some points to keep in mind while you're shopping around.

Food-Finding Features of Deep Freezers

One of the biggest disadvantages of storing food in a chest freezer is that, once it's all in there piled layer after layer, it can be difficult to find or get to a specific item later. Fortunately, there are designs of chest freezers that seek to overcome this hindrance -- or, at least, lessen the annoyance of it.

The most helpful organizational feature that some chest freezers have is compartmentalization. These freezers are divided into two or more vertical sections so that, if you store thematically or keep notes regarding your freezer storage, you at least know what part of the freezer to look in for steak vs. cheesecake.

Some chest freezers have glass panels in the top like commercial frozen-treat freezers, for better interior visibility. While they don't help you to see what's below the first couple of layers of food, they do enable you to sneak a peek before sticking your hands and face into the cold.

The vast majority of chest freezers are wider than they are tall or deep and open by a hinged door on top, but there are exceptions. Some smaller upright rectangular and cube-shaped freezers open from the front like refrigerators; however, despite how companies may market them, it is debatable whether these compact freezers should be called chest freezers at all, since they do not open like a chest. Regardless of what it's called, though, this design of freezer does make for very easy access to its contents.