Storage Shelves

Regain your space with shelving and storage solutions

Having basement storage available for your usage is one of the best ways to effectively combat household clutter. That's not to say your basement should be cluttered instead of the rest of your house; with the right storage shelving in your basement, you can find a place for everything, so that you can find everything in its place.

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Because of their location and the kinds of items that usually get stored on them, basement storage shelves can be quite a bit more rustic than other shelves in your home. Unlike shelving and organizational systems for your bedroom closet, or your kitchen shelving and storage, basement shelves don't generally have compartments or enclosures with doors -- more often than not, basement shelves are large, tall, deep and composed mainly of wooden beams.

Tips for Safe Basement Storage

Space isn't the only important consideration when it comes to effective storage in the basement; you must also take precautions to ensure that your things are safe from harm, and that you and your family are safe from potentially harmful things on your storage shelf.

Basements are notoriously damp. Items that are at risk of rusting or attracting mold need to be stored in plastic tubs with tightly sealed lids. Storing things in this way also protects them from insects and from less damaging intruders like dust and cobwebs.

Even if it's stored inside a plastic container, anything that would be destroyed by exposure to water, such as stuffed animals or books, should be stored high enough to be securely above the flood line in your basement; regardless of whether you've had any flooding problems before, there's no reason to take chances.

Similarly, any products containing chemicals, such as lawn fertilizer or paint, that are stored in the basement need to be stored up high so that they do not mix with the floodwater in the event of a flood -- also, so that they are safely out of the reach of curious pets or children.

What should go on your lower basement shelves? Reserve this area for things like your camping cooler and beach toys.