Bathroom Accessories

The little things that make a big difference in decor

In a bathroom redesign, it may seem like the big items will make the most impact, but you might be surprised by what you can do with just a few small changes. The right bathroom accessory can go a long way in your bathroom decor, and it can certainly help you save on the cost of your project.

Bang-for-Your-Buck Bathroom Accessories

If you're on a low bathroom design budget, consider revamping only the smaller details of your bathroom. Changing your bath accessories alone, for example, can give your room a fresh new look. This includes switching out the bath tub mat, bath mats or bath rugs on the floor, as well as the shower rod cover and the shower curtain, and maybe throwing in a new fun accessory like a bath tub caddy or bath tub pillow.

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Similarly, you might want to spruce up your bathroom vanity and cleaning accessories – it may not seem like much, but a new toothbrush holder, soap dispenser, toilet brush holder and waste basket can change the entire look of your bathroom.

When you're thinking of switching out several small items like this, it's important that you consider your whole design plan when you pick out new accessories – you wouldn't want to introduce modern chrome or brushed nickel pieces to an otherwise country bathroom decor! You'll also want to make sure all your new individual pieces work with each other. They don't necessarily have to be a matching set, but the pieces should complement each other to keep the cohesiveness of your design.

Common Bathroom Accessories:

Bathroom Mirrors

A bathroom mirror is vital if that's the place where you do all your prep work for the day, but you don't have to limit yourself to just your bathroom vanity mirror.

A specialty makeup mirror is great to have on hand. Try a magnifying mirror or a lighted makeup mirror to get the closest detail possible – in fact, any lighted mirror is an asset in the bathroom, to create softer or more focused lighting.

A specialty makeup mirror is great to have on hand. Try a magnifying mirror or a lighted makeup mirror to get the closest detail possible – in fact, any lighted mirror is an asset in the bathroom, to create softer or more focused lighting.

Bathroom Scales

Not everyone wants to have a scale in the bathroom, but for those who like them, they sure have come a long way. They're no longer the needle-and-dial style of the past – electronic scales are the latest in technology. Instead of trying to read a bouncing needle, a digital bathroom scale allows you to monitor your weight with decimal-point accuracy.

You can also choose between a digital weight scale or something more hi-tech, such as a digital scale that also features a digital body fat scale. This can be beneficial if you like to monitor all areas of your physique. And even with the technology, you don't have to compromise on aesthetics. Digital bathroom scales are available in a number of neutral colors and streamlined styles that make them blend into the background, or even funky colors and patterns if you want to make a statement.


Your choice in hand towels and washcloths is fairly simple, but it seems like every person in the house has a different bath towel preference. For kids, hooded towels are a must for bundling up after a bath, while mom and dad will probably prefer an oversized bath sheet to a standard-sized towel. Washcloth, bath towel and hand towel sets are a great way to meet all your needs on a budget. From a design standpoint, color choice is abundant, so you can mix and match as you please. Throw in patterned or contrasting color hand towels with solid bath towels for a great design punch!

If you're looking for luxury towels, remember, the thicker the pile and the softer the cotton, the more luxurious the towel will feel on your skin. Egyptian cotton and micro cotton are the softest towels you are likely to find, but you will pay a price. Still, if your budget allows it, the comfort is worth every cent. For extra embellishment, look into embroidered towels or monogrammed towels to give your bathroom a sophisticated look.

Bathroom Bonuses

If you've got a little extra to spend on your bathroom accessories, you might want to consider a few luxury items for your bathroom. Upgrade your towel bars to a new finish or design, or even think about towel warmers – any cost is quickly made up for in the luxury of wrapping yourself in a warm, fresh towel after a bath or shower.

Actually, climate control is an issue you'll want to consider in the bathroom. A bathroom fan can help control mold and water damage caused by condensation, while a bathroom heater can moderate temperature on cold winter days to prevent "shower shock." Heated flooring is an even more appealing luxury, as it can keep stone tiles warm and help heat the room.