Bath Towels

Choose Egyptian cotton bath towels for a touch of luxury

The moment when you step out of the bath or shower and wrap your bath towel around you should be one of complete comfort, and the right bath towel is an important part of that experience. Cotton bath towels are always a smart choice because cotton is soft, long lasting and easy to launder, but if you're looking for the ultimate in quality cotton, look no further than Egyptian cotton.

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Egyptian cotton is grown in the humid climate and nutrient-rich soil along the Nile River. It is an extra-long staple (ELS) cotton, which means it has long fibers that can be used to make fabric with a high thread-count. High thread-count cotton is ideal for products like sheets and bath towels because it is very strong, fine and, most importantly, exceptionally soft.

Colored vs. White Bath Towels

Egyptian cotton bath towels can be an especially good investment if you're leaning towards darker-colored towels -- Egyptian cotton is very absorbent, which means not only is it ideal for toweling off, but it also absorbs dye extremely well, resulting in bold, vibrantly colored towels that stand up better to fading over time and washings.

Many people are drawn to white bath towels for a number of reasons. Whether hanging on the towel rack, or stacked or rolled on a bathroom shelf, white towels create a clean, fresh look. In cases where the bathroom lighting may be less than desirable, white bath towels on display can also go a long way to help brighten up an otherwise too-dark bathroom space.

Because white bath towels are the common choice for hotels, they can create a desired feeling of luxury or extravagance. White is also a great choice for monogrammed bath towels because it provides the perfect backdrop to make personalized lettering in any color stand out.

However, you really have to consider function as well as style when deciding what colors of bath towels are ideal for your bathroom. While they may create the look you want, white towels may not be the most practical choice if your household includes, for example, little ones who like to wipe their less-than-clean hands on the bathroom towels.