Bathroom Lighting

Illuminate your style with bathroom lighting fixtures

Your bathroom lighting can really make or break both the atmosphere and the functionality of your bathroom, and the trick to good lighting in a bathroom is to carefully balance the two.

What you should aim for in your bathroom lighting is something that accommodates all bathroom activities. While you likely don't want your entire bathroom lit up like a hospital hallway, you do want different lighting for cleaning the bathroom than you do for taking a relaxing bubble bath. Installing a dimmer switch or multiple, separate light fixtures are both excellent ways to create a choice of lighting options in the bathroom.

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Ensuring Proper Bathroom Vanity Lighting

The lighting above or around your bathroom vanity is especially important; proper visibility is essential for you to be able to easily and enjoyably carry out personal-care tasks such as shaving, applying makeup, styling your hair and even flossing your teeth. Sometimes, bathroom vanities that include mirrors come with lights right in the vanity itself above or around the mirror, but in cases in which this lighting is not built in or seems insufficient, the installation of addition illumination is a good idea.

You don't want a spotlight on you while you address your toiletry needs, but neither do you want lights that are too soft and leave you in the shadows -- or worse, create shadows! Your best bet is to invest in lighting specifically made for a bathroom vanity, which is generally designed with an exposed row or rows of bulbs, or with a large light bar meant to be placed along the top of a square or rectangular bathroom mirror. Some consumers prefer the look of bulbs, while others find the light bar offers an especially even illumination of the vanity area.

Matching Your Bathroom Lighting Fixtures to Your Style

Of course, while function is the most important consideration in any choice of bathroom lighting fixture, you should also think carefully about the overall stylistic impression you want the room to make. Rustic bathroom lighting choices can create a warm, traditional and even cottage-like ambience, while fluorescent track lighting with metallic white fixtures has a distinctly modern appeal.