Magazine Holders

A bathroom magazine rack brings form and function

One important consideration in determining the type of magazine holder that is best for your bathroom is your and your household's personal reading preferences. If you enjoy reading oversized, glossy architecture and interior-design magazines, then a rack designed to hold rolled-up magazines, while eye-catching, is not the most sensible choice. Similarly, if you need to have a wide variety of magazines available to accommodate differing reading tastes, a combination magazine-rack-toilet-paper-holder with room enough for only a couple of issues won't best serve your needs.

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A second consideration is the style of your bathroom. A shiny metallic magazine rack might look out of place in a country floral bathroom, while a wooden magazine rack can significantly detract from the look of a slick, modern, black-and-white bathroom.

The Ideal Location for Your Bathroom Magazine Rack

Many people place their magazine rack on the floor beside, or on the wall above, the toilet. Those locations certainly work, but magazines also make for relaxing bath-time reading, so it's a great idea to have your magazine rack within reach of the bath tub. A wall magazine rack is an ideal choice for convenient access to reading materials while you soak in the tub; you can easily see your reading choices, and, compared with a magazine holder that sits on the floor, the height and verticality of a wall-mounted magazine rack minimizes the chance that your magazines will get bathwater splashed or dripped on them.

Other Options for Magazine Holders

A rack on the floor or wall is a stylish and practical way to store magazines and provide easy access to bathroom reading whenever it is desired. However, if you're looking for something a little more off-beat and unique, consider other household objects that can be easily adapted to serve as magazine holders in your bathroom.

For example, square and rectangular woven wastepaper baskets offer simple yet efficient magazine storage and come in a wide variety of colors and designs to suit any bathroom's palette and style. Or for a more rustic look, consider keeping your magazines in a small, open-ended wooden packing crate or metal kindling holder.