Shower Curtain

Add new shower curtains to your bathroom

The perfect shower curtain can add to the decor of your bathroom. Shower curtains are available in a huge variety of solid colors and patterns, so it is just a matter of time and research to find the right bathroom shower curtain for you.

Shower Curtain Considerations

Most shower curtains are made of fabric; others are constructed of plastic, vinyl or some other waterproof material. Very often a shower curtain might have two layers: an outer fabric layer for decoration and an inner waterproof layer.

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Shower curtain rods are attached to the wall or sometimes the ceiling and used to support the curtain. To complement the bathroom's decor, shower curtain rods are available in chrome, brass, nickel, gold and a variety of colored finishes. Sometimes, the curtain rod is curved outward over the edge of the bathtub to allow more space inside for showering.

The shower curtain is attached to the rod using shower curtain hooks or rings; these hooks or rings can match the finish of the curtain rod or may complement the colors or patterns in the shower curtain.

Signs of a high-quality shower curtain include:

  • Sturdy stitching at the seams to prevent fraying
  • High-quality grommets used to reinforce holes for where the rings or hooks go through the curtain
  • Magnets in the hem of the curtain to prevent it from sticking to the person taking a shower

It is important after showering to fully spread the shower curtain out along the curtain rod to ensure that it dries quickly so that mildew doesn't grow. Opening a window or turning on the bathroom fan can help to speed the drying process.

If mildew does take hold, it can be cleaned from the curtain with either a paste of lemon juice and salt or a mixture of 1 tablespoon of household bleach to 1 pint of lukewarm water.

Making Your Own Fabric Shower Curtain

Sometimes, you want a one-of-a-kind shower curtain, or perhaps you aren't able to find a shower curtain in the right color or pattern to match your bathroom decor. In these cases, a custom-made shower curtain can fit the bill.

First, buy a plastic or vinyl shower curtain to use as a liner and a pattern. Next, purchase decorative fabric in enough quantity to cover the liner curtain, plus an extra few inches to allow for hemming. Hem the decorative curtain, then carefully align the two curtains and make grommet holes through both layers along the top edge at 6-inch intervals. Attach the rings or hooks to the finished curtain, hang it and admire your handiwork.