Towel Racks

Find the right bathroom towel rack for your space

Every bathroom needs towel racks. When deciding what kind of towel rack is best for your bathroom, you will want to consider several factors, but perhaps the most important is the approximate number of towels you need to accommodate. This will be determined by how many people in your household will be using the bathroom, what kind of bathroom it is -- obviously, a room with a tub or shower will need more towel space than a powder room -- and what your storage preferences are for extra towels. Does your bathroom feature, or will you be installing, plentiful racks or hangers for your extra towels, or do you prefer to keep extra towels on bathroom shelves or in a storage closet outside the bathroom altogether?

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Mounted and Free-Standing Bath Towel Racks

Once you've figured out how much towel storage your bathroom requires, consider the size and style of your bathroom. While railed towel racks are very commonly mounted on bathroom walls, they can also tuck in nicely on the back of the door, which is an especially efficient use of space in a small bathroom. A rack of hooks on the wall or door, in a row or other stylish arrangement, offers an aesthetically pleasing alternative to a railed towel rack.

For rented or other temporary spaces, a hook that attaches over the top of the bathroom door might be the best way to provide an extra spot to hang a towel.

If you have the floor space for a more decorative means of hanging your towels, a free-standing bathroom towel rack is a nice look, or even a metal coat rack, for a more untraditional yet classy design feature.

How a Heated Towel Rack Works

If you really want to bring an elevated feeling of luxury to your bath or shower, then invest in technology meant to bring a truly spa-inspired touch to your bathroom: a heated towel rack.

North America borrowed the idea of the heated towel rack from Europe. Originally meant to provide a practical way of drying towels faster, heated towel racks have rails containing either circulating heated water or heated oil.

The rails of heated towel racks are made of metal to easily conduct warmth to the towels, but you can choose a decorative finish for the towel rack that complements your bathroom's style.