Bathroom Vanities

Stay organized with a bathroom vanity

A typical bathroom vanity includes a cabinet base, a sink and countertop and a mirror, with or without a medicine cabinet. Bathroom vanities play an important role in the functionality of the bathroom, as well as contribute to the decorating style. Especially in the master bathroom, the vanity often serves as the centerpiece of the room.

Types of Bathroom Vanities

The two basic styles of bathroom vanities are freestanding and built-in. A freestanding vanity is only fixed to the wall by the plumbing and is often used in small bathrooms or those where a modern style is preferred. Built-in vanities include a base with cabinets and ample counter space, so they are very useful when bathroom storage is needed. The bathroom vanity cabinet should be large enough to contain the items to be stored in the bathroom, including towels, toilet paper and personal grooming items.

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Countertops for vanities can be made out of a wide variety of materials, including ceramic tile, laminates, composites, wood, stainless steel, concrete and stone. Bathroom vanity countertops are often subject to a lot of wear and tear, so opt for a durable material.

When two or more people consistently share a bathroom, a vanity with a double sink is a helpful option. This way, two people can be brushing their teeth or washing at the same time without feeling crowded. Electrical outlets should be conveniently located near the vanity's countertop for easy use of blow dryers, electric toothbrushes, electric razors and other personal care appliances.

The bathroom vanity mirror should be large enough and have adequate lighting to provide a good reflection. Locating the mirror at least 6 inches above the surface of the countertop can help to minimize water drops splashed onto the mirror.

Considerations When Purchasing a Bathroom Vanity

It is important to carefully measure the available space before purchasing a bathroom vanity. In addition, consider the finished countertop height; there are different heights available that might provide more usability in special cases, such as in a child's bathroom, for example.

The cost associated with a bathroom vanity can vary greatly; the less expensive options include premade vanities from home improvement stores. Custom-made vanities with fancy features such as marble countertops or leather trim can cost well into the five-figure price range. Online retailers can be a good source for discount bathroom vanities, but consider visiting some local bathroom showrooms to determine your requirements first.