Bathroom Plumbing

The essentials and the styles that please

While it may be easy to get caught up in the big-ticket items during your bathroom remodel – like the bathroom sink, toilet, shower, bath tub and even the bidet for the adventurous type – often it's the little things that take the most thought and planning for DIY plumbing. Choosing the right bathroom plumbing fixtures is as crucial as choosing any of the installations themselves, both from a style standpoint and for function.

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Fixtures for Form

When choosing fixtures from an aesthetic perspective, your mind will likely first settle on your bathroom faucets – in particular, what style of bathroom faucet will best suit your decor scheme?

You'll find the widest selection of fixtures in bidet faucets, bathroom sink faucets and bath tub faucets. Available in a variety of styles, including long neck, short neck, wall mounted, sink mounted or tub mounted, these fixtures will complement any number of themes. You'll also find countless finishes on the market that will suit any color or design scheme. For example, a country or antique bathroom is typically flattered by a long neck faucet with two separate hot and cold spigots on the side. Look for finishes like antique copper or cast iron to complete the rustic design.

For a more contemporary look, brushed nickel and aluminum are visually appealing. The glossy shine combined with an updated sink made from glass or steel gives a unique twist that is sure to draw eyes. Look for goose neck faucets or faucets with a subtle arc to add a touch of elegance.

Other Bathroom Plumbing Fixtures:

Bathroom Sink

Your bathroom sink is one of the most important choices you'll make for a bathroom – it's a focal point in the room, so you'll want it to look attractive, but it also needs to be functional in your everyday life.

If you're looking for a small bathroom sink for your small bathroom, a pedestal sink is a great choice. Corner sinks will also work, depending on the layout of the room. If storage is what you need (and you have the space), consider a bathroom vanity sink with multiple drawers and cupboards, or even just a bathroom sink cabinet for a little extra space.

When it comes to bathroom sink style, the choices go way beyond porcelain – a glass bathroom sink is a funky twist on tradition, while a copper bathroom sink is a great complement to a country or antique theme. Regardless of your style, be sure to combine a practical element in your choice of bathroom sink. It will make all the difference in your small space.


A bidet is not necessarily a must-have for a bathroom, but if you can afford the space and the extra cost, it might be a good idea.

Although known for their more risque associations, bidets are also useful in treating specific health conditions or for washing other body parts, such as feet. Similar to a bidet is the bidet toilet, sometimes called the Japanese toilet. Basically, it is the combination of a bidet and a toilet – it functions like a normal toilet, but can also shoot a stream of water for extra cleansing after you have used the toilet.

If you don't want to run out and purchase a new toilet or a separate bidet, existing toilets can be fitted with bidet seats. These seats come with options that allow you to adjust both the temperature and the stream of the water, and many come with drying features to give you the most comfortable (and hygienic) clean possible.

Fixtures for Function

There are some bathroom faucets that you're going to want to choose for more practical purposes rather than for their aesthetic appeal. The shower faucet and shower head are items you'll want to choose based on the features they provide. Is the faucet easy to use and is it easy to adjust the water temperature? Does the shower head have multiple spray adjustments, such as jet or rainfall? You may also want to consider choosing an extendable shower head to make for easy cleaning of your tub or shower.

The shower filter and bath tub drain are two bathroom fixtures you'll choose almost entirely for their practicality. Installing a shower filter can help remove impurities from your water, such as trace metals and iron oxides, keeping both you and your shower cleaner. Installing a PVC plastic tub drain is another measure you can take for taking care of your bathroom fixtures – a new drain can help remedy or protect against drainage problems that could cause damage.