Editorial Review

American Standard Shower

American Standard manufactures a wide range of shower products, from shower doors and shower enclosures to accessories like massaging shower heads.

Pros: American Standard products usually live up to their name. They are exactly what most typical homeowners are looking for. For example, the Pivot Shower Door features out-of-square adjustment, which is perfect for those who own older homes. When it comes to shower heads, American Standard makes so many different models that there's undoubtedly one that's right for you. Options include massaging shower heads, removable hand showers and wide shower heads that mimic falling rain.

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Cons: The main drawback about American Standard seems to be that the company churns out so many different bathroom products that they can't (or perhaps choose not to) take the time to truly specialize in one particular area. The end result is that American Standard products are good, but not great. While American Standard certainly makes some good shower heads, there are better (though more expensive) shower heads on the market. Likewise, it's not too difficult to find better shower doors.

Overall: If you need a part for your shower, there's a good chance that American Standard makes it. The company is a giant when it comes to bathroom fixtures. Products include shower enclosures, shower bases, shower doors and shower heads. For consumers looking for products that are a bit cheaper than top-of-the-line, American Standard is a great choice.