Editorial Review

American Standard Toilets

American Standard may not be the gold standard of toilets, but the company makes affordable and reliable commodes.

Pros: American Standard offers more variety in terms of style and model than most other toilet manufacturers. Most American Standard models are reasonably priced and relatively low-maintenance. Some of the newer models feature extremely fast flushes, but this can also be a negative, as the flush doesn't always remove all the waste; sometimes a second flush is required. The new, gravity-fed FloWise model is a stand-out. It's one of the first toilets to meet California's new strict water-saving requirements.

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Cons: Some American Standard toilet models can be a bit difficult to assemble. For example, some customers say that they have to go to the hardware store and buy new parts because the ones that came with the toilet don't always fit. Additionally, some customers have complained about leaky seals (particularly with the Champion model). American Standard seems to have this problem under control and is now shipping with improved seals. It has also been providing new seals, free of charge, for those who bought defective Champion toilets.

Overall: American Standard toilets aren't perfect, but they stack up very well against their competitors (such as Toto and Kohler). While some models may have issues with leaks, others are industry leaders in water conservation.