Make your room feel larger with a wall mirror

Sometimes, your bedroom might be less spacious than you would like -- especially after you get the bed, the night stands, the dresser and the rest of your bedroom furniture and decorations or personal articles all in there. While of course adding mirrors to your bedroom won't actually give you more square footage, it will certainly give the comforting illusion of increased dimensions.

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Wide wall mirrors are one of the best ways to achieve this impression of a bigger-than-it-is room. Ideally, a wall mirror should be mounted so that the center of the mirror is at eye height, and it helps if it is placed on the wall opposite the door, so that the appearance of increased room size is seen upon first entering the room.

What one wall mirror does to make a room seem bigger, multiple, strategically placed wall mirrors will do multiple times over; two wall mirrors placed directly opposite one another across the room will create an endless-reflection illusion.

There's also another option if maximizing the feeling of space in your bedroom is your primary goal: the biggest bedroom mirrors of them all, mirrored closet doors.

Other Bedroom Mirrors

Even if you don't think your bedroom needs the feeling of increased space that a substantial wall mirror or mirrored closet doors provide, there are still other great reasons to include at least one mirror in your bedroom decor.

Sometimes, mirrors are a part of a piece of that furniture that is taking up the majority of space in the room. Similar to the mirrors of dressing tables, a dresser mirror provides you with a space to check out how you look from the waist up, and to do up-close-and-personal chores like lipstick applying or tie straightening.

However, a dresser with mirror panels won't suffice if you want to check out your entire outfit, or how your shirt looks with your shoes, before a party or that big meeting at work. For that kind of vertical reflection, you need a full-length bedroom mirror, either installed on the wall, standing on the floor and leaning up against the wall or, for a bit more decorative flair if your bedroom space allows, a free-standing mirror.