Bedroom Furniture

Rest easy with the right pieces

The bedroom is a room we often overlook in remodeling or redesigning, since it's the room that is for the most part off-limits to any but those who sleep there. But that doesn't mean it should be neglected! Giving your bedroom a new look is a great way to rejuvenate your house and to create a space that is all your own, just the way you like it.

The Pizazz

Getting started in a bedroom design often means choosing a theme – and that theme can be reflected in your choice of bedroom furniture. Modern bedroom furniture (which often includes twists on throwback styles like wicker bedroom furniture and tropical bedroom furniture) and contemporary bedroom furniture are popular choices, but many people still opt for the traditional look of Victorian bedroom furniture, with four-poster beds and even lavish canopies that complement luxurious bedding.

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When it comes to materials, solid wood bedroom furniture is sure to stand the test of time, particularly in your bed itself. While cherry and teak will run you high on the price scale, pine bedroom furniture is very affordable and is still extremely durable. You can even find it dressed up in a variety of stains or colors, but it's important to remember that the color you choose will need to see you through many years, and potentially many bedroom decors. Basic black bedroom furniture is always a smart choice over a fad color. White bedroom furniture is also a classic option, but is a little more open to wear and tear.

Common Pieces of Bedroom Furniture:


A nightstand, or bedside table, satisfies both practical and aesthetic purposes. One on each side can finish off the look of a centered bed, while two nightstands also gives each person in the bed a place to set books, glasses or a cup of water before going to sleep.

From a style standpoint, nightstands are available in a number of styles and to suit any bed frame. Contemporary nightstands could incorporate unusual materials such as metal or glass. In fact, metal nightstands are increasing in popularity, outdoing old standbys like cottage style nightstands or wood nightstands in general. If wood is your choice, however, your options are certainly not limited. A high-end cherry nightstand can add elegance to any room, but more basic pine or oak nightstands can still be very attractive, and can be finished in a colored stain to match your decor. A basic black nightstand or a white nightstand complements any decor.


A good bedroom dresser is necessary to keep any room clean, but what if your room is too small for a conventional chest of drawers?

An underbed dresser can free up more walking space in the room, or if you have less to store, try a vanity dresser to combine two items into one – still lots of drawers, but a dresser mirror and a small stool give you an area to prepare for your day. A dresser organizer can also do wonders for space and organization, from sorting your socks to catching the odds and ends you throw in the top drawer.

When it comes to styles of dressers, there are equally as many options. Contemporary dressers have a more streamlined look, often with chrome or brushed nickel dresser knobs. Neutral color choices, like a basic black dresser or a slightly more high-maintenance white dresser fit well in this category. But if you like something more classic, try an ornate wicker dresser, the timeless beauty of an antique dresser or a traditional pine or oak dresser to give your room a touch of elegance.

The Price Tag

If you're replacing the furniture in your bedroom, you'll soon find out that it can be costly. But there are ways to keep your design on budget and still get the look you want. Buying a bedroom furniture set is a big investment, but it can save you money over buying each piece of furniture individually. A set could include pieces beyond the usual bed and dresser, such as bedroom benches or bedroom chairs. And because all the pieces match, your room will have a cohesive and polished look that can be difficult to achieve when you buy furniture separately.

To save even more, you can also find great deals on discount bedroom furniture. Shop online, check warehouses or keep an eye out for big sales that will knock down the prices even on luxury items, such as solid oak bedroom furniture or cherry bedroom furniture.