Bedroom Benches

A bed bench is a perfect storage solution

When your closets and dressers simply won't suffice to meet your bedroom storage needs, a bed bench can provide that extra organizational space you're looking for. A bedroom bench is ideal for storing practical items like your extra sheets and pillowcases, your spare duvet or your out-of-season clothing.

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Alternatively, it can also provide a safe and out-of-sight, yet still close-to-you, place for your most precious memories and treasures, from old yearbooks to that shoebox full of concert ticket stubs, from your own childhood stuffed animals to your children's art projects.

Traditional Options for Bed Benches

When you're thinking of buying a bedroom storage bench, consider whether you want the piece to have a sentimental significance with an importance that goes well beyond mere practicality. Perhaps you want to invest in something special that you can pass on as an heirloom, such as a substantial, hand-carved wooden bench.

There are also occasions in which you may be shopping for a bed bench as a gift for someone else rather than as an addition to your own bedroom decor. While to some it may seem an antiquated idea, the giving of a hope chest or cedar chest to a young woman is still a respected tradition -- less traditionally, it can be a meaningful and useful gift for a young man, as well, and there are certainly bedroom storage benches with a distinctly masculine design to choose from.

Stylish and Smart Alternatives to a Bedroom Storage Bench

Not all bedroom benches are designed for storage; some are designed primarily for seating and decorative purposes. If the idea of having a piece at the end of your bed that, however beautiful or grand, is shaped like a giant wooden box doesn't appeal to you or doesn't mesh with your bedroom's style, consider investing in a bed bench that is designed more like, well, a bench. Many choices of style exist for this type of bench, from a Victorian-inspired bed settee to an ornate iron bench to a backless, unupholstered wood bench.

While legged benches don't provide you with the storage for large items like blankets and bedding that chest benches do, there is usually space underneath them for things like hatboxes or decorative keepsake containers.