Choose bedroom dressers for convenient storage

Furniture stores offer many different styles, features and materials when it comes to bedroom dressers, and you're certain to be able to find something you love.

However, another option, if you're looking for something truly impressive and unique yet economical in a bedroom dresser and are willing to put some time and effort into the project, you can quite affordably restore a wood antique dresser. Buying an already-refurbished dresser can potentially be pricey; as with many home-decor projects, it is more work but also more cost-efficient to do it yourself.

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Shop around at consignment and second-hand stores, and even yard sales, for a dresser with good potential. Unless you are looking for a collectable instead of just a beautiful addition to your bedroom, you shouldn't really worry about complaints that restoring antique dressers decreases their value.

In fact, a second-hand painted dresser is a good option because you can get a good deal on a piece that has already had its original finish altered, and thus its value affected, in this way. While your stripping and sanding and varnishing won't restore the dresser to its former glory, it will restore a more natural look to the dresser and give your bedroom a piece of furniture you can be proud of.

Bedroom Dressers that Maximize Space

When space is at a premium in your bedroom, you need to make the most of the height of the room. To get the most storage per square inch of floor, choose a taller dresser with little extra space between the drawers. Look for a dresser without any mirrors on top, either, as they can interfere with the additional shelf space that the top of your dresser provides.

Some contemporary dressers come as separate, stackable drawers. This is a great option if you have changing storage needs -- if you need more, you can simply add another drawer -- or if you want the option of rearranging your furniture; for example, if you want to turn a six-drawer dresser into two three-drawer night stands.

It is possible to find stackable dressers made of heavy finished wood, but given that you have to pick up and stack the drawers, much more often they are colorful or white dressers made of light wood or even plywood and board.