Dressing Tables

Will a bedroom dressing table work in your room?

The romantic appeal of a bedroom vanity table is undeniable. Traditional and feminine, a dressing table evokes images of beautiful courtesans or theatre starlets preparing themselves for a party or performance.

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But romance aside, in a modern home a dressing table provides a practical space for a woman to complete some of the daily cosmetic tasks she might choose to undertake, such as styling her hair or putting on makeup, perfume and jewelry. Having a dedicated area in which to carry out these personal-care activities means the process is more pleasant for her, and that there is less strain on the precious bathroom minutes she likely shares with others in her household, especially in the morning.

Co-ordinating Your Dressing Table with Your Decor

If you are in the market for a new bedroom set, then the easiest way to ensure your vanity table complements your night stands is to buy a full matching set of bedroom furniture. However, many bedroom sets include the more universally appealing option of dressers with vanity mirrors instead of actual dressing tables, so you will likely have to use your shopping savvy to find just the right bedroom set for you.

If you are adding a vanity dressing table to your existing bedroom furniture, consider choosing a table that complements it yet stands out, rather than looking for a table that will match seamlessly -- this is a great opportunity to create visual interest and even a conversation piece.

Bedroom Vanity Furniture for Smaller Spaces

If you want the classy look of a dressing table but don't think your bedroom is large enough to accommodate one, there are still some options that might work for you.

First, go for a contemporary rather than an antique dressing table; while beautiful, antique furniture tends to be thicker, heavier and more ornate; in other words, bigger and bulkier to find space for.

Next, look for styles of vanity dressing tables that allow you to maximize storage space. There are two styles that are ideal for making the most of the space the dressing table takes up: a vanity table with built-in dresser drawers along the sides, or a table with thin straight legs and tabletop to allow a stackable dresser unit or other storage to be tucked in underneath it.