Night Stands

Which bedside table is right for your bedroom?

Although they might be small in size compared with other pieces of bedroom furniture, night stands are an essential part of your bedroom decor. Functionally, they can serve many purposes, from a platform for your alarm clock and lamp, to a place to store your mouth guard and bedtime reading material. Aesthetically, night stands are an extremely important part of the overall look of your bedroom, and the overall impression that its design makes, so you will want to take the time to choose bedside stands that suit both your needs and your style.

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Night Tables: To Match or Not to Match

For some people, clean, symmetrical lines are a crucial part of bedroom design. Matching night tables contribute strongly to an impression of unity and uniformity, creating a bedroom that evokes a peaceful feeling of refuge from the busy, noisy world.

On the other hand, there are several advantages to choosing intentionally mismatched bedside tables, including:

  • Daring design. Using non-matching furniture for pieces that, like night stands, are traditionally identical shows your willingness to push design boundaries, and it is an accomplishment to pull it off successfully without having your bedroom appear shabby chic in all the wrong ways.
  • Individual expression. If you share your bed but not your partner's style, then each bedside table can reflect the personality of the person who uses it and sleeps beside it.
  • Cost-efficiency. Similar to buying a mismatched mattress and box spring, looking for non-matching night stands means you can shop for single pieces at clearance sales at furniture stores where one half of a set of matching night stands might have been damaged. You can also peruse second-hand, antique or consignment stores.

Maximize Storage with a Bedside Cabinet

If you have bedroom storage needs beyond what your closet and dresser can address, or you like to have more than a couple of items close at hand before you put your head to the pillow at night, then bedside cabinets can be the perfect solution. Often, they have a single top drawer with a larger cabinet below, or they have a set of drawers and look like mini dressers.