Door Hardware

From handles to hinges and from knockers to knobs

Knock, knock! Door hardware – like knobs, latches and locks – is essential to keeping your home secure, but it can also add style to a simple element of your home.

When you are selecting door knobs, door hinges and door locks, consider the weather your front and back doors will face. Do you live in an area with lots of snow and ice? Is it blistering hot or very damp? You may not want to select an antique door hinge if the weather will take its toll on your front door quickly. Instead, you need hardware that is sturdy and that won't be affected by the weather conditions in your area.

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Also consider who will be using the door. You don't want to install a tiny, finicky door lock if your children or elderly family member will have difficulty using the small parts. Entry locks should be installed by professionals to ensure top security.

Once you have narrowed down hardware by functionality, you can look at specific styles. When the door is ajar, you will be able to see the door hinge, so choose this as carefully as any other hardware. Match the color and style to your door handles in particular, as they are in closest proximity.

Once you have installed the bare necessities, you can get creative with other hardware, like door knockers, door bells and door chimes. All of these extras will make the front entry to your home more welcoming and personalized.

A door knocker is a simple, classic piece of hardware installed directly on the door. It doesn't require any wiring, just a few screws, but also may not project as well if you are in a room farther away from the front entrance, so consider the size of your house and the likelihood that you will hear someone knocking.

A better way to ensure you hear visitors upon arrival is by installing a door bell. This requires a bit more installation time, but is a simple way to guarantee you hear everyone who lands at your door. Today, there are many different sounds and tones to choose from, so you don't have to settle for the staple "ding-dong" tone. Door chimes do a similar job, but have a more whimsical and musical feel to them.

Don't forget to choose complementary knobs for your interior doors as well. If you have installed pocket doors, look for pocket door hardware, which is designed to sit flat against the doors so as not to interfere with the door sliding away out of sight.

The same goes for sliding doors, whether inside or out. You can purchase sliding door hardware like locks and latches designed specifically for doors that will latch on the inside.

You may have also considered installing a glass door knob on each interior door in your home. These are beautiful pieces, but just like any other glass accessory, they can break easily, so they're not for homes with high traffic.