A wall candelabra provides the perfect ambience

Candelabras are one of the simplest ways to lend an atmosphere of formal elegance to your dining room, while providing the perfect light to dine by.

The style of your dining area will determine what types of candelabras will work best. Do you have enough space for carefully arranged floor candelabras, or would a single, shorter candelabra in the middle of the dining room table be more effective? Crystal candelabras can complement -- or even replace -- the light finishing touch of a chandelier, while antique wrought-iron candelabras bring a more earthy dignity to a room. Depending on their design, silver candelabras can be ornate and traditional or sleek and trendy.

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Fireplace Candelabras

If your dining area features a fireplace, then on the mantle is a perfect spot for a candelabra; more precisely, it's the perfect spot for two candelabras, one at each end of the mantle, perhaps framing and illuminating some family photos or the most ornate of your clocks.

Fireside candelabras don't have to be relegated to the mantle, however; you can also highlight your fireplace as a focal point of your dining room by placing floor candelabras on either side of the hearth.

A source of fire above or beside a fireplace may seem redundant, but remember that you won't always have both the fireplace and the candles burning at the same time -- and even when you do, they complement each other to contribute to the overall feeling of warm coziness.

Wall Candelabras

Does the idea of candelabras on your dining room walls conjure up all sorts of horrific images of smoke-damaged paint or singed wallpaper? Fortunately, most modern wall candelabras don't use flame at all, but electricity. Wall sconces designed to look like candles in a holder can be strategically mounted around your dining room walls in such a way that they bathe the entire room in a subtle glow.

In fact, if having a candelabra with real wax candles burning on your dining room table makes you nervous as well, you can opt for artificial fire there, too -- LED candles come in many styles, and in some cases the light in the "flame" even flickers for a realistic effect.