Wine Fridges

A wine refrigerator for convenience and storage

For real wine connoisseurs, a wine refrigerator is an absolute must. A wine fridge keeps your wine ready to serve and drink whenever you choose, while also attractively displaying your best bottles. From models with traditional pull-open display doors and stationary racks, to those that hold wine bottles on sliding wooden trays, wine fridges come in a wide variety of sizes and types, so you will have no trouble finding one that suits both your home and your wine-drinking and entertaining preferences.

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Designs of Wine Refrigerators

Free-standing wine fridges range in size from those that look like large toaster ovens and hold fewer than a half-dozen bottles, to those the size of corner-store soda coolers and hold well over two hundred. Of course, size is one of the qualities that determine the cost of the wine refrigerator.

Built-in wine fridges can vary in size, as well, but they are commonly bar-fridge sized. They should be front-ventilated so that hot air is released out into the open and not where the fridge is backed up against a wall or other surface.

Built-in fridges require slightly more commitment than the free-standing variety in that they take a bit more work to install in your kitchen, or whatever room in your home you wish the wine fridge to be located. However, that doesn't mean that adding a built-in wine fridge to your home is difficult; in fact, it can be less laborious than installing a dishwasher and involve little more than the removal of a cupboard door from your lower kitchen shelving.

In addition, your effort in installing a built-in wine fridge is rewarded by the floor space you'll save and by how cool it looks, flush with the counter, cupboards or other surfaces around it.

Dual-Zone Wine Storage Refrigerators

Quality brands, like Avanti wine refrigerators and Ewave wine refrigerators, offer models with dual-zone capacity. A dual-zone wine fridge contains two sections, each with its own temperature, meaning it can simultaneously keep both red and white wines at their ideal degree of coolness, and making it the ideal choice for those who enjoy entertaining or who just enjoy the convenience of a nice selection of different wines.