Dining Room Furniture

Entertaining with style

Not every home will have one, but a functional dining room adds a touch of elegance to a home and is a welcome addition for those with large families or who enjoy entertaining.

Styles for Your Lifestyle

When it comes to filling out the room, formal dining room furniture is a popular choice. An ornate buffet cabinet or filigreed buffet hutch paired with rich cherry dining room furniture creates the perfect look for formal dinner parties or lavish holiday dinners. Both contemporary dining room furniture and modern dining room furniture can also have the same effect, but in a more cutting-edge way. Chairs and tables with sleek lines, often combining dark and light stains, give a look that could have come straight out of a magazine.

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If your style is more comfortable than formal and you use your dining room on a regular basis, casual dining room furniture may be a more practical option. Basic oak dining room furniture is a classic choice and will hold up to the wear and tear of regular use. The coziness of a lived-in country theme is a great option for people with young families. Rustic dining room furniture, such as a country sideboard or an old-fashioned baker's cabinet, provide extra serving space, while a distressed pine dining table with bench seating gives dining a down-home feel.

If you're looking to satisfy your need for lavish style that can still be lived in, antique dining room furniture could be what you're looking for. Pieces in this category often feature detailed metal scrollwork, such as an antique sideboard with a decorative topper, but they also capture the country feel with chunky woods, as found in an antique buffet.

Some Common Dining Room Furniture:

Dining Chairs

Your choice in dining chairs will be dictated largely by the theme you choose for your room. For a formal look, teak dining chair sets with rounded backs and detailing in the rungs will complement a matching table. Or you may want to consider dining chair covers over a simple oak dining chair, to allow you to pair an elegant fabric with your dining room furniture pieces. For a contemporary look, black leather dining chairs add sophistication, although any type of black dining room chairs may also do the trick if you're on a budget.

If you're working with wood or metal dining chairs that may not be so comfortable for sitting, consider a dining chair cushion or dining chair pad. Upholstered dining chairs with wood or metal arms, back and legs may also be a good choice for balancing the look you want with the comfort you need. Antique dining chairs, which are often large and inviting but not necessarily comfortable on the bottom, can benefit from these added style details.

Dining Set

Depending on room size, you have two options when choosing a dining room set. The first of those is a full dining set which includes a large table and a minimum of four chairs. You'll find wood to be a popular choice, encompassing everything from a large cherry dining room set to a more basic oak dining room set, but there's plenty of contemporary dining room sets to be had to satisfy those with more modern tastes.

Your second choice is a dinette set or bistro dining set. Dinette sets come with two to four chairs and a small table (most often round, but sometimes square). Kitchen dinette sets are the most common, but can also be used in smaller dining rooms. Style selection is equal to that of dining room sets. To name a few, a retro dinette set (such as a vinyl-topped chrome dinette set) with a bistro table adds flavor to a modern kitchen, while a wrought iron dinette set with intricate detailing has enough elegance for even the most formal dining room.

Furniture for Your Budget

The dining room is often considered an "extra room," so it may be a low priority in a home redesign budget. However, furnishing (or refurnishing) a dining room doesn't have to be expensive. There are plenty of discount dining room furniture options that can fit any style.

If you can afford the initial investment, buying a dining room furniture set will help you shave off some dollars, as retailers are more likely to give you a deal if you're buying en masse. Online retailers may also offer deep discounts, as long as you're willing to buy from a picture rather than actually seeing the item.