Dining Room Chairs

Upholstered, wooden or leather dining chairs for your table?

Choosing the right dining room set for your home is a significant undertaking. Your dining room chairs and table are by far the most important pieces in your dining room; some people even choose to make them the only pieces in the room. You want something that will be attractive to your guests, and if you plan to use your dining room set on an everyday basis and not just for special occasions, then you want it to be extremely functional as well, and durable enough to stand up to regular usage.

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Most importantly, you want to have dining room chairs that diners will feel comfortable sitting in and sharing a meal together.

The Soft Comfort of Upholstered Dining Chairs

There is something unmistakably cozy about padded, upholstered dining chairs; texturally, they are the closest thing you can get to bringing your recliners to the dining room table. If you opt for light-colored upholstery, though, make sure it's been treated with some kind of stain-resistant solution.

The Classic Elegance of Antique Dining Room Chairs

It doesn't get more traditional than an antique wood dining room table and chairs set. However, one common complaint about antique chairs is that they feel like they were made for proper posture rather than for comfortable dining; in other words, the backs and seats are often completely unpadded, or the padding is so thin or solid that it doesn't offer much in the way of cushioning.

Consider placing smaller, round or square throw pillows on the seats of the chairs. Not only will they make for a softer sitting experience, but as an added bonus, they can add a nice touch of color and an interesting design element to your dining room.

The Stylish Convenience of Leather Dining Chairs

Leather dining room chairs are an ideal combination of form and function. While their rich texture and sleek look might not make them your go-to choice of child- or regular-use-friendly dining chairs, leather -- especially dark leather -- is resistant to stains and is extremely easy to wipe down when spills inevitably occur at the dinner table.