Dining Table

The centerpiece of your dining room design

Some people say that the dining table is where many good memories are made – stories are told, great food is eaten and good company is enjoyed. With more and more people wanting dining rooms to entertain in, it's not surprising that dining room tables are becoming an important furniture item to purchase. A dining table adds class and elegance to any dining room, and also gives you enough space to sit a whole dinner party without people having to share the piano bench or, worse, sit on computer chairs.

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Dining Table Options

Before you choose a dining room table, take into account the size of your family and the size of your dining room. Like any piece of oversized furniture, an oversized table will be cramped and dominate the whole room in an unattractive way. Make sure to measure before you buy.

If you don't entertain a lot, then spending a lot on a dining room table doesn't make much sense. With prices that range from $150 well into the thousands, dining tables are available for almost any budget. Consider how often and by whom the table will be used, and spend accordingly.

Dining tables come in many materials, including metal and glass, but wood dining tables are still the most common. You can get a dining table in almost any wood, but an oak dining table, a cherry dining table or a maple dining table are the most popular choices. Pine is good for a rustic look, and if you're furnishing a luxury dining room, a teak dining table will add richness and elegance.

Dining Table Styles

There are many different dining table styles. You can get a simple table for a contemporary or traditional dining room, an antique mahogany table for a vintage or Victorian dining room, or a casual dining table - like a butcher block table, farm table or harvest table - for a kitchen or a country dining room.

Glass dining tables are attractive, but they're also prone to scratches and need a lot of cleaning since they show smudges and fingerprints. No matter what the style, make sure to invest in a set of placemats or a nice tablecloth to protect your dining table.

Depending on how many people you plan to sit for dinner, you can get tables with leaves that allow you to extend them. Normally, tables come with one or two leaves, although custom tables can come with more. Conversely, if you need to compact your table, a drop leaf table allows you to fold down one side.

If you're just looking for an intimate dining table for outside or for another room of your house, a bistro table seats two or three and is a charming wrought-iron table with either a glass or a metal top.

A pedestal table allows you to save space and still have a classy, round dining table to sit at. The smooth, straight lines of a square dining table are the perfect accent to a contemporary dining space, and a modern dining table, with its chrome legs and clear glass top, looks great in a '50s style dining room.

The dining table is more than just a place to sit and eat – it graces your dining room and adds elegance to any meal. Choose wisely, and you won't regret it at your next dinner party!