Screen Doors

Patio screen doors for security and style

At first thought, screen doors might not seem like a very complicated purchase for your home. But your selection of screen doors goes far beyond the basic wood screen doors at the front entrances of many homes, or the typical sliding screen doors that lead out to patios and back yards all across North America.

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The reality is that your screen door is as customizable as any other part of your home, and you can choose the features that best match your lifestyle. Read on to learn about some of the more advanced options available in screen doors today.

Pet-Friendly Patio Screen Doors

The last thing you want is for your cat to claw through your patio screen door in an effort to get his outside time, or for your dog to unwittingly bound right through it in his excitement to join you in the yard. You can minimize the chance of these kinds of pet-related screen-door mishaps by installing a simple piece of screen door hardware: a pet door.

There are a variety of styles of pet screen doors. Some fit right into the screen itself, while others, for bigger pets, are installed into the frame of the screen door. Most have protective flaps like traditional pet doors so that the screen will still be efficient at keeping out insects, and some flaps are also made of screen so that the pet door flows as seamlessly as possible with the rest of the screen.

Security Screen Doors

Screen doors at front entrances often have reliable features that make them much more secure than they look. They are often made of steel or wrought iron and include an intricate ornate pattern across the screen that, while decorative, actually effectively serves the purpose of creating an anti-intruder barricade.

In addition, the screens on security screen doors should be made of reinforced steel or other hard to break or cut material.

Retractable Screen Doors

Retractable screen doors represent the pinnacle of screen-door technology. When not in use, these motorized screen doors can be retracted completely out of the doorway and out of sight, giving you an unobstructed view through your glass doors and helping to preserve the condition of the screens themselves.