Tips and tricks for foyer decorating

They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression. For guests who come to your home, the first impression of your home's interior is made in the foyer. If you want that impression to be a good one, then you'll want to put some thought and effort into your foyer decorating. Read on for some ideas to get you started in creating that amazing space your family and guests will enter once they pass through your foyer doors.

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Foyer Area Rugs

Regardless of how well they wipe their feet on the welcome mat outside, people coming into your home are going to track a little dirt and sand in with them. An area rug will help keep you from feeling like you have to constantly sweep your floor by catching and disguising that bit of everyday debris until you can vacuum it away.

More importantly, though, an area rug is an effective way to bring color and texture to your foyer, as well as maximize the appearance of its dimensions. An area rug with a vertical pattern can give the illusion that your foyer is longer and grander than it is, while a rug with a horizontally dominant pattern can make your foyer feel wider and more spacious.

Foyer Lighting

You should have multiple lighting options in your foyer, either through the installation of multiple lighting fixtures or through the use of a dimmer switch. During the day in your foyer, light should come not only from inside but from without -- natural light should be able to stream into the foyer through the windows.

A chandelier is an ideal way to provide lighting in a foyer, but also consider a series of modern, carefully spaced wall sconces.

More Design Ideas for Foyers

Although the area should feel open and uncluttered, your front entranceway decorating is not complete without a few key pieces of foyer furniture, such as a table and bench. Also, don't ignore the opportunity to make the most of the wall space -- the foyer is the ideal location to hang that impressive original print, perhaps under some complementary accent lighting.