Foyer Furniture

A foyer bench for a more welcoming entranceway

Choosing foyer furniture is not a task to be undertaken lightly: how you furnish your foyer is the most important element in what kind of impression guests receive when they enter your home. To maintain the neatness of your foyer, you should have some sort of storage for smaller accessories like hats and silk scarves, and out of convenience for you and courtesy to your guests, you should provide some sort of seating for putting on and taking off footwear. Fortunately, there is foyer furniture that offers both storage and seating at once.

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Foyer Benches and Tables

One very attractive kind of bench that is both stylish and practical in a foyer is a deacon's bench. This type of wooden foyer bench can be shaped like a park bench, a church pew, or a king's throne (or, more precisely, like a deacon's chair). Regardless of the shape, though, all deacon's benches have one thing in common: storage. Like a piano bench, the seat of a deacon's bench opens up on a hinge to reveal the storage compartment beneath.

The backs of taller, throne-shaped deacon's benches may also feature hat or coat hooks at the top, and even a mirror you can check your hair in, on your way out the door.

Of course, there are also many wooden, upholstered and wrought-iron foyer benches that don't include under-seat storage.

Foyer tables are usually small and rectangular or semi-circular so that they can sit right up against the wall, traditionally under a wall-mounted mirror. They provide the perfect place for the kind of decorative details that really personalize a space, such as a vase with flowers, candles or a pretty bowl to hold your house and car keys.

Foyer Chandeliers

The lighting in your foyer must be one thing: welcoming. You want it to be bright enough to illuminate the entranceway adequately, but not so bright that your guests feel like they are being held under an interrogation lamp when they walk into your home.

The warm glow of a chandelier will make your foyer feel both inviting and elegant. Putting the chandelier lighting on a dimmer switch will allow you to adjust for whether your guests are coming in out of the daylight or darkness.