Car Care Accessories

Car care products to keep your vehicle looking great

One of the simplest car care tips is also one of the most important: if you want to keep your car on the road, looking and running great, then you have to put in effort to clean and maintain it on a regular basis. That means going beyond removing the fast food containers from under the seat and the candy bar wrappers from the glove box -- you must have an arsenal of car cleaning products.

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Car Care Products for Your Vehicle's Interior

While nothing except a "new car smell" air freshener will recreate that unique scent, here are some of the basic car care accessories you can use to keep the inside of your car clean:

  • Mini vacuum cleaners. Step one in keeping your car clean is to regularly rid the carpets and seat of rocks, sand and other surface dirt.
  • Material-specific cleaners. Of course, your needs will depend on the interior of your car. Be sure to use cleaning products for upholstery, plastic, wood paneling, leather and vinyl only on their intended surfaces, and always do a patch test to ensure the cleaning product doesn't have any adverse effect, such as color fading.
  • Carpet cleaners. Dirty carpets look aged, and treatment with a carpet cleaning product can do wonders to restore them to their former glory.

Car Cleaning Tips for Your Vehicle's Exterior

Proper exterior car care includes washing, waxing, buffing and repairing any nicks and scratches. When you wash your car, it's important to ensure you thoroughly rinse away all of the car shampoo so that there isn't any residue that will still be left on the surface when you wax it.

After washing, examine the exterior for any imperfections that could benefit from a little touch-up paint, which can often be applied with a small brush not unlike that in a bottle of nail polish.

Waxing and polishing your car's exterior can be done by hand or by machine -- while the latter has its advantages in terms of the ease of completion of the job, many auto enthusiasts prefer the former. If you do, too, look for an easy-buffing wax to help the manual process along.

And don't forget to clean your tires and shine up your hub caps; those sparkling spinners are an easy way to make your vehicle look great out on the road.