Find cordless irons that are practical and efficient

There's no question that traditional plug-in electric irons do a great job getting your skirts smooth, your pants pleated and your shirts wrinkle-free, but they have one major weakness: the cord. Anyone who has ever done any amount of ironing knows how annoying and even potentially dangerous the electrical cord on an iron can be. It forces you to set up your ironing board near an outlet, it can get in your way while you're trying to iron, and it can be too short for you to turn the iron all the ways you want to without some awkward manouvers.

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More seriously, an iron cord can easily get caught on you, or be pulled by a curious pet or toddler, and in a moment when you're not holding on to the iron because it's heating up, cooling down or because you've just grabbed the next item to press, the iron can be knocked over or fall off the board and cause, at best, burnt fabric and, at worst, very severe injury.

Fortunately, from Sunbeam irons to Black and Decker irons, there are many name-brand models out there that can help you cut the cord for good. Quality cordless irons offer all of the pressing power of a plugged-in iron with none of the hassle or worry of its cord.

Hot Tips for Using a Steam Iron

You may not use your iron as frequently as your major laundry room appliances, but that doesn't mean it isn't still a crucial part of helping your clothes, bedding and table linens look their best. Most home-use irons on the market today include both steam and dry settings, so if you're using one of those, then whether or not you're using a steam iron depends entirely on what you've set the iron to do.

Always read the fabric labels of your garments carefully before ironing them, to ensure you have the setting right for each item. Not all fabrics benefit from steam.

Some irons come with a handy spray function in addition to steam, which provides the extra moisture needed to get out stubborn wrinkles. Be sure to lift the iron from the surface of the fabric before spraying, though, so that you aren't accidentally leaving the hot iron in one place for too long.

Also, keep an eye on the water supply in your iron; if you're steam ironing several pieces and also using the spray function, the water level can drop pretty quickly.