Steam Cleaners

Refresh your floor with carpet steam cleaners

These days, you can get carpet steam cleaners to use at home that are just as good as having a professional come in and do the job for you. Professional carpet cleaners have the heavy-duty equipment to really get down deep into your carpets and remove built-up dirt, but if you are periodically DIY carpet cleaning, then that care and maintenance means that dirt won't have the chance to build up in the first place. And investing in your own steam cleaner will definitely save you money in the long term, too.

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Comparing Steam Floor Cleaners

The first thing to know about steam vacuum cleaners is that there are different kinds -- figuring out which kind you prefer should be the initial step in your purchasing decision.

Traditional hot-water-extraction steam cleaners get the job done thoroughly by applying a mixture of hot water and chemical cleaner, using brushes to scrub it into the carpet fibers before sucking the mixture and released dirt back into the vacuum and into the dirty-water tank.

Vapor steam cleaners are the better choice for the more environmentally conscious, or for those who don't like the idea of possible chemical residue left in their carpets. Instead of chemicals, these vacuums use a very hot, high-pressure dry steam to loosen and remove carpet dirt. Vapor cleaners are versatile in that they can also be used to effectively clean other floor surfaces, such as tile flooring.

Besides the choice of chemical or no-chemical treatment, you should also look at factors such as tank size, heat-up time and included attachments. There is also the choice between a steam cleaner with a nozzle and a cylindrical tube, or a steam mop.

Portable Steam Cleaners

Like regular vacuum cleaners, many home-use carpet cleaners on the market today are fairly portable in that they are designed with compact canisters or as uprights to facilitate easy transport up and down stairs from one floor of your home to another.

However, there are also even smaller, handheld steam cleaners that are not meant for carpets at all, but to maintain the fresh cleanliness of things like upholstery and curtains.