Home Office

Inspiration abounds in these home office designs

Whether or not they work from home, more and more people are creating home office spaces. This could simply be a desk and other home office supplies arranged in a corner of the dining or living room, or it could be an entire room, elaborately decorated with bookshelves and task lighting. The size, location and decor of your home office will depend mainly on what you're using it for and what space is available in your home.

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If your objective is to work from home, then a separate room - with a door - is a must. It allows you to minimize distractions while you're working and to detach yourself from business when you're not. On the other hand, if your home office is simply a place to pay bills, store important papers and browse the Internet, then any nook or corner will likely do.

Wherever you decide to set up your home office, it is important to distinguish it as a separate space with a specific purpose. You can do this by ensuring that the furnishings, decor and other items create a cohesive, identifiable theme.

Home Office Decorating

Home offices have come a long way in terms of style. Today's home office furniture and equipment comes in a variety of styles and finishes to accommodate any home office decor. Some of the most popular home office designs are antique, traditional, contemporary, executive and luxury.

An antique home office calls to mind the days of quill pens and wax seals. A dark-wood antique desk or a roll top desk and matching wood office chair with leather padding are the centerpieces of this room. A brass desk lamp provides extra light to work by, and an old-fashioned telephone (or at least one that looks old-fashioned) is the perfect way to balance form and function.

A traditional home office borrows the dark-wood, lamp-lit atmosphere of an antique office, but adds a few modern touches. L-shaped desks conveniently combine computer space and a writing desk, and a wheeled desk chair allows you to easily roll between the two.

If you prefer the stark, polished look of glass and steel, a contemporary home office may be more your style. Glass office desks and ergonomic desk chairs combine with metal file cabinets and swing arm lamps to create a true 21st-century feel. Of course, only the latest home office equipment, such as all in one printers, will do in such a space.

The executive home office has everything you'd expect to find in a corner office on Wall Street – a large, solid wood, highly polished executive desk, a leather office chair, a guest chair or two, and wooden file cabinets to match the desk. Laptop computers are the perfect equipment for this office – they leave more room on the desk, and they can travel with a busy executive on the go.

Of course, if what you really want is not an executive office but a chief executive office, then nothing short of a luxury home office will do. Built-in bookcases on every wall, a separate office desk and computer desk, a reclining office chair – these touches pamper you while you work to make every day feel like a vacation.

Whether it's your regular workspace or just your workspace away from work, your home office should be a place you can work in comfort and style.