Home Office Accessories

Work wisely with helpful home office supplies

When it comes to purchasing home office supplies, you've got to think big and think small simultaneously. On one hand, you need a lot of big office basics, like a desk and chair, enough storage for all your business documents, reference volumes and receipts, and a home office Internet plan and desktop or laptop computer.

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On the other hand, you also need lots of small items that are nevertheless just as important, like business cards and stationery, postage and paper clips.

But once you've got all the non-negotiable must-have supplies required to put together a working home office, then you can focus on selecting your other home office accessories, those little extras that will help bring the design of your office together and really personalize your work space.

Think Big: Home Office Decor

Your choice of window treatments can make a difference in what kind of home office atmosphere you create. Consider a heavy curtain with a sheer drape or venetian blind underneath; the layers allow you options in terms of letting in natural light while keeping out unwanted distractions.

How you decorate your home office walls is also important. If your work is often intense and stressful, choose to hang pieces that allow you to focus and regain your calm and perspective, such as peaceful landscape paintings or photos of your family on vacation. If you use your office for writing, designing or other creative work, choose art that you find inspirational. If you are someone who benefits from a few wise words of inspiration, choose posters with phrases that move you. If you intend to use your office as a place to meet with clients, choose paintings that will make them feel like they are welcome but still in a professional space, such as modern abstract prints.

Think Small: Home Office Products for Your Desk

A small personal token, like a mouse pad with your kids' faces printed on it or a rock paperweight from your last trip to the beach, is a great way to help make your new office desk feel like your own -- although it's a separate space for you to work, it's still a part of your home. However, don't be afraid to also add a touch of formal class, like a leather desk set.