Fax Machines

Which home office fax machines are best?

Although thanks to home scanners, fax machines are not as essential as they once were, they are still a very important piece of home office equipment, and you don't want to build your home office without providing yourself with fax capabilities.

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Most major brands offer dedicated fax machines for home office use, as well as multi-functional machines that print and scan as well as fax. Unless faxing is your primary means of business communication, you will likely get the best value by investing in a fax machine with these other uses -- and you will save space by having fewer machines in your office.

Important Features for Home Office Fax Machines

So when comparing trusted models like Canon fax machines, Sharp fax machines and Panasonic fax machines, how can you choose? Some key features that can help you find the right fax machine for your home office include:

  • Memory. A fax machine's memory determines how many pages' worth of content it can remember, which can vary from a few to over 500. Large memory is important if you usually receive many or especially large faxes throughout your work day, and your paper supply often runs out. If the machine runs out of paper during an incoming fax, it will save the information and print it whenever the paper supply is restocked.
  • Transmission speed. Transmission speeds can vary greatly, ranging from a couple to 10 or more seconds per page. Faster fax machines are costlier, but if you experience a lot of daily fax traffic, then it might be worthwhile to invest in a faster model.
  • Type of printer. Inkjet fax machines are less expensive than laser fax machines, but the downside of that price point is that they usually don't print as clearly as laser printers, and, unlike higher-end laser printers, they aren't really designed to manage large volumes of sending and receiving.
  • Added features. Remember to look closely at what, if any, bells and whistles your chosen model of fax machine boasts. Things like speed-dial and ring tone selection are fairly standard, but more expensive fax machines may also offer things like multiple paper trays and secure usage via password protection.