Paper Shredders

What to look for in home paper shredders

Considering the frequency of identity theft and compromised credit cards, and the number of documents that arrive in the mail daily proclaiming your name, address and sensitive information such as the details of your utility usage and personal financial transactions, using a paper shredder is an extremely smart idea for any household.

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However, for people who conduct business as well as take care of their personal affairs from their homes, home office paper shredders are absolutely essential. Shredding any discarded business papers ensures that confidential information, from account numbers, balances and passwords, to client orders and phone numbers, remains confidential, which not only protects the privacy of your business but also helps protect you from liability.

What to Look for in Home Paper Shredders

  • Size. Shredders range in size from miniature units meant to fit easily on desks, to those bigger than a photocopier and intended for industrial and commercial use. Generally, the bigger the shredder, the more it costs, so accurately assessing your shredding needs and choosing an appropriately sized shredder will save you money as well as office space.
  • Paper input capacity. Like the size of the shredder, the paper capacity you need depends on how many documents you predict you will need to dispose of on a daily basis -- if it's dozens, you don't want to buy a shredder that can only handle a maximum of four pages at a time.
  • Type of cut. Most home-use models shred paper vertically into thin strips; however, if the sharing of the material you shred could pose a significant security risk to you, your family or your business, then you will likely want to invest in a shredder that does its job even more thoroughly.

High-Security Paper Shredders

For classified or other highly confidential business correspondence, a standard home office paper shredder might not be enough to put your mind at ease. In that case, look to a cross-cut paper shredder for your perfect shredding-solution. Unlike standard shredders designed for use at home, cross-cut paper shredders shred paper in two opposing diagonal directions simultaneously, making it virtually impossible for any would-be intruders on your privacy to garner even small bits of intelligible text from your shredded documents, let alone successfully reconstruct them.