Book Shelves

How office shelving can work for you

No matter the type of business you're in, you could probably benefit from having some book shelves for your home office. From trade-specific reference textbooks to business-101 how-tos to books of samples for clients to peruse, there are certain volumes that you are going to want prominently displayed and easily accessible when you're working.

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Built-in and Wall-Mounted Book Shelves

Built-in book shelves are known as a desirable home-selling feature for a reason: they are aesthetically pleasing and incredibly convenient and efficient. Because they are flush with the wall around them, built-ins not only have a cool look but are also great space-savers in your office because they don't stick out from the wall or take up floor space.

If you don't have built-in book shelves in your home office and don't see yourself spending the time and money to have some installed, but you are still short on room in your office, you can opt for the next best thing as far as using your space efficiently goes: single-shelf wall-mounted shelves. Because they lack the enclosing sides of a box-style book shelf unit, singly-mounted straight shelves leave the room feeling more open while still providing you with the handy book-storage you need.

Alternatively, wall-mounted corner book shelves create a tucked-away nook of book storage space.

Advantages of Free-Standing Office Shelving

There are circumstances in which a piece of shelving furniture that stands beside your desk or filing cabinets, or up against the wall, is preferable to shelves or a shelving unit affixed to the wall itself. If you anticipate a home office upgrade or renovation, or changes in your storage needs, in the near future, a free-standing shelving unit offers flexibility in that it is easily moved to a different location in your office or removed from the room completely.

Similarly, if you rent rather than own your living space, using free-standing book shelves means that you don't have to worry about damaging the office wall with unwanted holes, and that it will be easier for you to take your shelving with you when you move, which is especially beneficial if you have carefully selected pieces that meet your personal storage needs and reflect your personal style.