Bulletin Boards

Use a bulletin board to get organized

Most people who work at home want their office space to be both functionally and attractively furnished. The right bulletin board can help with both of these goals, organizing and displaying information while adding interest to a wall space.

Bulletin Board Styles

A cork bulletin board is the most common home office bulletin board. It consists of a rectangular piece of thin cork laminated to a stiff backing, with a frame around the perimeter. Cork boards have been used in classrooms and businesses since the 1800s and are still popular today. They assist with sound absorption, and most higher-quality cork bulletin boards are self-healing, meaning that the holes made by pushpins will shrink once they are removed.

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Custom cork boards are manufactured with the addition of color pigment to the binder that holds the cork particles together. A colored cork bulletin board can liven up a home office and coordinate with the decor of the room. Cork bulletin boards can also be ordered in custom sizes if display space in the home office is tight.

Of course, some people prefer the look of a fabric bulletin board in their home office. A fabric board looks especially professional and coordinates well with existing furnishings. Fabric bulletin boards are available in a wide selection of fabric colors and patterns, as well as many options for the material and color of the frame.

Bulletin board borders are readily available to personalize any bulletin board and can be changed out whenever desired. Commercial borders are available at office supply stores and from online suppliers, but some people enjoy making their own borders to reflect the nature of their business or their personal style.

Uses for Bulletin Boards

Bulletin boards are usually mounted over a desk and used to display information including phone numbers, reminders, to-do lists, brainstorming ideas and project timelines.

Another interesting bulletin board idea is to display motivational pictures and slogans to help promote a positive attitude.

Whatever the use, most people find that a bulletin board is a valuable addition to their home office.