Filing Cabinets

Find metal or wood filing cabinets for any space

Many homeowners find themselves in need of a filing cabinet just to meet their household storage needs -- things like tax receipts, medical records and report cards can add up to a lot of cluttered piles very quickly if there's no storage system in place to hold them.

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But if you have a home office, and especially if you have your own home business, you have an even greater need for the organizational sanity that a filing cabinet will bring.

Metal and Wood Filing Cabinets

When you think of metal filing cabinets, you may imagine very large, very beige units that look more like refrigerators than storage solutions. While these filing cabinets are perfect for commercial and corporate usage, they are more filing cabinet than many home offices can handle, and probably not the sort of item you are anxious to give a prime location in your home office, either.

Fortunately, there are plenty of stylish choices of metal filing cabinets, such as those made from vintage metal or painted in bold, funky colors. And many are sized a little more proportionally to the dimensions and needs of a home office, as well.

Wood filing cabinets are an even fancier option, usually resembling a dining room or living room cabinet more than an office filing cabinet. They are the best choice if you have other wood office furniture and want a piece that will seamlessly blend in.

Space-Saving Alternatives in Office Filing Cabinets

For a home office where space is too limited to accommodate even the smaller styles of office filing cabinets, you may need to think, well, inside the box -- a filing box, that is. Plastic filing boxes can hold a lot of hanging files, have lids to protect their contents from dust and damage, and in many cases are on wheels and are compact enough to be rolled into closets or under office desks when access to them is not immediately needed.

Lateral filing cabinets can also make economical use of office space. They have drawers that are wider than they are tall and tend to be shorter overall, which means they can be easily tucked away -- under wall-mounted book shelves, for example.