Kids Room Accessories

Kids room decor for fun and comfort

If you're looking for kids' rooms decorating ideas, you won't have to look very far -- craft books and interior decorating and parenting magazines are full of them, and likely any friends or family with children would be more than likely to lend you their thoughts as well. Children's rooms generally have a color scheme that unites the walls, bedding and curtains, and many also have a theme -- anything from balloons to boats to ballet -- that is highlighted not only in these items but in other decorations in the room, such as lighting fixtures and figurines.

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Beyond color and theme, however, there are many items of kids' room decor and kids' room appliances that, whether it's bedtime or playtime, will help your child feel happy and comfortable in their bedroom -- and some that can make your life a little easier, too.

Nightlights and Other Illuminators

A source of light to keep them from being completely in the dark when they go to sleep at night is an essential kids' room accessory. Nightlights are perhaps the most common source of light comfort, although kids' lamps that stay on after the end of the bedtime story can be a good alternative, or a good transition to the dimmer light a nightlight provides.

Another really fun and inexpensive option to combat the darkness is glow-in-the-dark decorations for your child's bedroom. Find removable adhesive decals of your child's favorite cartoon character, or maybe a mobile with glowing spaceships. Or you can add an educational twist to glow-in-the-dark decorations: arrange glow-in-the-dark stars on the bedroom ceiling in patterns of easily recognizable constellations.

Kids' Room Decor that Encourages Cleanliness

Some kids' room accessories are both fun and functional -- fun for kids, functional for their parents. Accessories that help your child to be neat and clean up after themselves can be a lifesaver in keeping their room tidy.

A basketball laundry bag is a good example of this kind of accessory. A long mesh bag with a hoop at the top that is usually hung on the back of the bedroom door, the basketball laundry bag encourages your child to dispose of their dirty socks properly instead of leaving them lying around on the floor by taking a page from Mary Poppins and turning clean-up into a game (literally).