Kids Room Appliances

Technology for your tykes

These days, kids rooms aren't complete without the gadgets that make their lives fun and functional. While it may seem a little strange to incorporate technology into your kids room redesign, you'll thank yourself in the long run when your kids are more than happy to go to their room!

Educational Toys and Tech

The best place to start when picking out appliances for your child's room is to choose appliances that are educational. Kids learning tools are often electronic, but are easy to operate, come in fun colors and have multitudes of games, so your child is sure to be interested in learning this way.

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Other kids electronics you'll want to incorporate are more basic. Kids clocks with large digits and hands make it fun for kids to learn to tell time, and when they get older, fun kids alarm clocks will help them wake up for school in the morning.

If your child is an early movie buff or has favorite cartoons, a kids TV may also be something you'll want to include. When viewing time is kept in moderation, having their own TV to view favorite shows can turn a kids room into a welcome retreat for a child, and it may also give you a little break to reclaim the living room. Like computers, kids TVs come in bright colors and are very easy to use. A small DVD player, such as a portable DVD player, is a great addition for movie watching that won't take up a lot of space in the room.

Popular Kids Appliances:

Kids Computers

Kids start young with computers nowadays, so it's not uncommon for even preschool children to have their own kids PC or kids laptop. These computers come in fun and funky designs, have easy-to-use buttons and menus and are very affordable considering the technology. You can find kids computers at most electronics stores as well as department stores or online.

When it comes to kids software, there are plenty of options to choose from. Kids educational software programs can help teach kids the fundamentals at a young age, such as reading, counting, color-matching and problem-solving. Other kids software programs may be purely for fun, but you'll find the skills your kids are learning just by operating the computer will benefit them greatly in the future.

Extras for Every Kid

Although certainly not a requirement for a room, other gadgets your kids might be interested in include a digital camera and even a cell phone. Your kids likely see you snapping pictures, so a kids digital camera will help them emulate you, and who knows – you may even create a budding photographer! These cameras are much more durable than real digital cameras, but function in much the same way with a memory card and USB charger.

While cell phones may seem a little extravagant for a child, they are a part of our world and are something children see every day. It's no surprise that they're eager to have one of their own, and toy phones will only suffice for so long. When your child is ready for a first real cell phone, you can start with one made especially for kids. A kids cell phone will generally have a security feature that allows outgoing and incoming calls from preprogrammed phone numbers only, and will make it easy to dial Mom and Dad. These phones come in fun colors and styles and have easy-to-use interfaces that are manageable for children.