Cutting Boards

Which kitchen cutting boards are the best?

The answer to which kitchen cutting boards are best for you depends in part on the size of your kitchen and where in your kitchen you want to store them. Cutting boards come in many sizes, so you want to ensure you aren't buying too much board for the amount of counter space you have.

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If both your counter space and cupboard storage are at a premium, consider a cutting board with a handle that will allow you to hang it from a hook or nail on your wall. You may be able to buy a bigger cutting board than you otherwise would if it were taking up space on your kitchen shelving, and that the cutting board will look great as a decor feature is just one of the many reasons to invest in a quality piece with a nice finish.

Other factors to consider when deciding on a cutting board that is perfect for your food preparation needs include how often and for what kinds of food you intend to use it.

Wood Cutting Boards

There's no more classic choice than wood for a cutting board. Strong and available in a wide range of completely natural shades, wood cutting boards can last for many years if properly cared for.

All wood cutting boards are not created equal, however. If you want the best, then it's really worthwhile to invest in a high-quality end-grain cutting board. End-grain boards have a beautiful design, and their very hard surfaces keep knife marks at bay and help keep knives sharper, longer compared with a softer wooden board in which knives cut deeper into its surface.

While wood is a good choice for cutting bread, cheese, or fruits and vegetables on, glass cutting boards are less likely to absorb liquid from the foods that touch them, and are therefore considered a better choice when it comes to cutting raw meat.

Benefits of Bamboo Cutting Boards

They're not yet as common as wood, glass or even plastic cutting boards, but bamboo cutting boards have a lot going for them. Bamboo is a visually appealing material that's also extremely strong, durable and resistant to knife scratches; in other words, a bamboo cutting board is built to last.