Kitchen Shelving

Kitchen shelves can clear more space

If there's one room in your home where adequate shelving is essential, it's the kitchen. Breakable items such as glassware, plates and bowls have to be stored without overcrowding, and non-refrigerated food items need proper places to go that don't include cluttering up the kitchen counter.

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Even people who don't cook or bake need some kind of storage -- where else to put the cereal boxes and cans of baked beans than on a kitchen shelf? And those who do cook or bake will likely find themselves using up all the kitchen shelving they've got to house everything from their cook books to their serving dishes to their food processor, and they might still be left in need of more storage space.

Pros and Cons of Open Kitchen Shelves

From an interior decor perspective, kitchen shelves with no doors or other covering can give a fun and spacious feel to a kitchen, and can be especially effective in opening up a small kitchen space.

But all open shelving can be a tricky thing. Cupboard doors provide a way to hide a messy shelf; if you want your kitchen to look immaculate, then you have to be committed to keeping everything arranged neatly on all the kitchen shelves, all the time, so be honest with yourself about whether that's a commitment you're actually willing to make.

Open shelves can be tricky from a health perspective, as well, since they don't provide any way to keep that tempting box of cookies out of sight and out of mind.

As an alternative, consider a clever combination of traditional cupboards for the cookies and tuna cans, and open shelves for your copper pots and funky new coffee mugs.

Creative Kitchen Pantry Shelving

Just because your home doesn't have a pantry doesn't mean you have to undertake some expensive kitchen renovations to get the convenient food storage solution that having a pantry brings. A tall narrow bookcase or two against the wall just outside the kitchen, or in the dining area, provides excellent extra space on which to store large glass jars filled with baking ingredients or your favorite dried herbs.