Paper Towel Holders

Paper towel holders make kitchen cleanup easy

Paper towels are a staple in any kitchen; they are useful for wiping and cleaning, especially when you don't want to wash a sponge or kitchen towel. Happily, there are a huge number of options when it comes to holding and dispensing paper towels.

Paper Towel Holder Options

The first kitchen paper towel holder was an uninspired and utilitarian plastic dowel attached to a wall or under a kitchen cabinet. Then the paper towel holder came to the attention of designers of kitchen accessories and evolved into a multitude of styles, including:

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  • The stainless steel paper towel holder, sleek and at home in any kitchen with a modern decor
  • The wooden paper towel holder, often with a decoration at the top of the dowel and produced in woods that coordinate with kitchen cabinets or other furniture
  • The magnetic paper towel holder, which attaches to any metal surface for convenient access
  • The chrome paper towel holder, which matches the faucet and sink accessories
  • The automatic paper towel dispenser, which uses infrared technology to produce a clean paper towel with just a wave of the hand in front of the sensor

Many paper towel holders have charming and whimsical design features, such as Alessi's "bunny and carrot" paper towel holder. For those who like a dramatic flair to their kitchen accessories, a metal paper towel holder with sculptural elements can make a decorating statement while keeping paper towels handy.

If the paper towel dispenser is not needed on the countertop or kitchen table, there are also holders that conveniently mount inside a cabinet, providing quick access while maintaining a low profile.

Paper Towel Considerations

There are now many manufacturers of high-quality recycled-paper-content paper towels. If each U.S. household replaced one roll of conventional paper towels with 100 percent recycled paper towels, 544,000 trees would be saved! So, when shopping for paper towels, look for those brands that have a high content of recycled paper fiber.

Also, search for paper towel brands labeled "TCF" (totally chlorine free) or "PCF" (processed chlorine free) to minimize the amount of harmful chemicals used in the bleaching process for paper towel products.