Breakfast Tables

Breakfast nook furniture will fit a small space perfectly

For the most important meal of the day, you want to have a space that feels comfortable and inviting, neither too grand nor too cramped. Fortunately, when the dimensions of your kitchen are such that even the most modest of stand-alone breakfast tables simply takes up too much room, there are some other great options you can consider to provide both the seating and the surface space for that ideal morning experience.

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In fact, with their stylistically modern yet family-friendly appeal, breakfast bars and nooks are excellent possibilities to consider even if you currently have a full eat-in kitchen.

Space-Efficient Breakfast Bar Furniture

Like the bar at a pub or restaurant, a breakfast bar table and its chairs maximize floor space by capitalizing on height, rather than width. The tall chairs can be lined up against more than one side, but usually the side of the bar facing the kitchen itself is left chair-free to allow for easy food preparation and serving. A kitchen bar is doubly convenient in that when it's not being used as a table it provides lots of extra kitchen counter space.

Get Cozy with Breakfast Nook Tables

One way in which breakfast nook furniture conserves space is by eliminating the need for it around all sides of the table. The reason any dining room or eat-in kitchen must be so much wider than the dimensions of the dining room chairs and table is that there must be enough room for diners to comfortably sit down, and then easily push themselves away from the table and get up at the end of the meal. Ideally, there is also supposed to be enough room for a person carrying serving dishes to walk behind a seated diner without danger of dropping food on the diner's head or lap.

A breakfast nook, on the other hand, is meant to be a tucked-away space in which one or more sides of the breakfast table are very near or against the walls of the nook. That's not to say a breakfast nook can't still be large enough to accommodate the entire family; a substantially sized square breakfast table, with bench seating installed against the walls instead of the table itself, provides plenty of room.