Laundry Room

Crisp, clean laundry room designs

The laundry room of a home can range from a stackable washer dryer in a closet to an elaborate space with a fabric steamer, clothes line, laundry sink and ironing board. Often, laundry rooms resemble janitorial closets, providing storage for an array of cleaning supplies and appliances. And, like a janitorial closet, the laundry room is rarely considered when it comes to home decor.

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Certainly, the laundry room requires less elaborate decoration than, say, the living room or kitchen, but decor items like shelving and storage can increase the efficiency of this multifunctional room. Laundry bags and baskets, along with shelves, storage bins and cabinets, keep essential items handy while reducing clutter.

When it comes to laundry room decor, the central focus is, of course, your washing machine and dryer. These come in a variety of models and finishes. Once you've chosen these major furnishings, you can select laundry room accessories to match.

A white enamel washer dryer combo creates a classic look and is easily accessorized with a white plastic laundry tub. Create contrast and interest with a clothes drying rack or plastic clothes hangers in bright colors.

For a contemporary, sophisticated look, nothing beats a front loading, stainless steel washer and dryer. These are accented perfectly by stainless steel laundry sinks and metallic shelves.

Keep your laundry room looking crisp and clean with light, neutral wall colors. These are especially important if your laundry room is small or in the basement because a light wall color will brighten the room and give the illusion of space. Ceramic tile flooring is easy to clean, but it may be too cold for a basement laundry room. Thin carpet might be a better choice in this space, but remember, spills do happen, so tiling a small portion of floor under and around the washer and dryer might be the best idea.

Lighting is another important consideration in the laundry room. You need to see colors and stains accurately, so a strong overhead light is important, and it might also be wise to add a swing arm wall lamp above the washer for spot lighting.

No one wants to spend more time in the laundry room than they have to. By creating an open, efficient space with everything you need at your fingertips, you can ensure that most of your time is spent enjoying the many other fabulous rooms in your home.