Clothes hampers with style and function

It's unending: the laundry cycle. Not the wash-rinse-spin cycle that takes place inside the washing machine, but the dirty-wash-dry-clean cycle of laundry through your life. Like laundry itself, your laundry hamper is ever-present in your home, so it's important to choose one that is either compact enough to be tucked away in a corner, unnoticed, or, like an earthy woven hamper, classic wicker hamper or trendy cabinet hamper, eye-pleasing enough to take up a central position in your bedroom or hallway.

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Make Transport Easy with a Folding Hamper

Consisting of a metal frame not unlike a folding table, and a canvas or other cloth bag, a folding hamper is the ultimate portable and space-saving laundry container.

With most folding hampers, there's no need to transfer laundry from your hamper to your laundry bag because a folding hamper is a hamper and carrying bag in one -- the bag is tied to the metal frame and can be easily detached and ready to carry on laundry day, which is especially useful if you have to travel to another floor in your apartment building or to the laundromat down the street from your house in order to access laundry facilities. Many bags even have handles for easy carrying. Or for simple room-to-room laundry collection from personal hampers, some frames have wheels on the bottom.

Disguise your Dingies with Cabinet Laundry Hampers

Some modern clothes hampers are superior in their stylish dirty-clothing disposal because, although they keep your laundry out of sight and out of the way as well as traditional hampers do, they really don't look like hampers at all -- they look like dressers or shelf units with cupboards. From the outside, these cabinet hampers are indistinguishable from regular furniture, and it is only upon attempting to open the cabinet door that the tilt-out hamper compartment reveals itself.

For separating whites and colors or regular wash from gentle cycle, there are laundry cabinets designed with two tilt-out doors with hampers attached to them. Taller cabinets have a separate bottom section reserved for the hamper, with shelves above which, since the cabinet is not identifiable as a hamper, can be used for non-laundry-related storage.