Editorial Review

Kenmore Dryer

They say that size doesn't really matter, but apparently the people at Kenmore think otherwise. Kenmore dryers generally have a very large capacity, which is a bit surprising considering how affordable they are.

Pros: There are many different models in the Kenmore line of dryers, so there's almost surely one that will suit the needs of your family. The Elite HE5 Steam is at the very top of the line. It's capable of drying very large loads and has several special features, including wrinkle guard technology and both a touch-up cycle and a refresh cycle. The HE3 Steam is nearly as impressive but a bit smaller (although still large enough for most families). Other popular models include the Kenmore Elite Oasis Canyon Capacity Gas Dryer, the King Size Capacity Dryer and the Kenmore Capacity Compact Stackable Dryer.

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Cons: As mentioned above, Kenmore dryers tend to be quite large, so they may not be the best option for people who live in apartments or condos, where space is limited. Additionally, some customers have reported problems with the circuit control boards inside their dryers. This causes the dryers to stay on only when the start button is held down and, eventually, to stop working altogether. If this problem occurs while the dryer is still under warranty, it's not a big deal. However, if it occurs after the warranty has expired, it's not hard to see why customers would become upset.

Overall: Sears' Kenmore brand is one of the biggest names in home appliances. Kenmore dryers are known for being large, relatively efficient and quite affordable. If you're on the market for a new dryer, you could do a lot worse than a shiny new Kenmore.