Wall Sconces

Decorative wall sconces lend ambience to every room

No matter how modern their design, something about wall sconces always carries a hint of a time long past in history, when torches lined the corridors of castles instead of electric bulbs lining the front hallway; even very contemporary wall sconces have that distinctive flavor of medieval coolness about them.

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You can bring that coolness to any one of a number of rooms in your home with the installation of wall sconces in a few choice places, or really embrace the look and make them your primary light source in one area.

Decorative Wall Sconces for Your Dining Room

Candle wall sconces are the natural choice of wall-mounted lighting for a dining room because their formal look lends itself well to the creation of an elegant dining experience, and because their softly glowing "flame" bulbs are likely complemented by other real or artificial candles in the room. Opt for a simple, single-candle style of wall sconce, or go for a bit of ornate flourish and choose candle sconces designed like brass or wrought-iron candelabras.

Hallway Lighting Wall Sconces

Wall sconces can also make for very appealing hallway illumination. For long narrow hallways, sconces that hug closer to the wall are preferable, but since a hallway requires less concern about whether the many pieces of furniture and decor complement one another, it is an excellent place to install sconces with interesting details, such as a stained-glass mosaic or other geometrically patterned shade.

Bath Sconces

The number of different daily uses for a bathroom requires an adequate variety of options in bathroom lighting. Wall sconces can be used either to supplement the overhead or vanity lighting to make the bathroom brighter during personal-care activities such as teeth-brushing, or used on their own to create an environment that is less harsh and more fitting for soothing activities like taking a bath.

For a fresh, clean look in your bathroom, choose a wall sconce that will contribute to that look. Many modern styles of bathroom sconces are available -- a simple silver fixture with a plain white cubic or cylindrical shade will fit in perfectly with the decor of many contemporary bathrooms.