DVD Players

Home DVD players for your look, lifestyle and budget

From kitchens to cars, DVD players are everywhere. They allow you to watch that new rented movie while you cook, entertain the kids on a long ride or catch up on the latest season of your favorite TV show. And they help you to build your home-theater experience; unless -- or even if -- you own a home theater system complete with projector and screen, investing in any one of the quality home DVD players on the market is a necessary step in bringing the movie theater experience into your den.

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HD DVD Players -- What's the Deal?

Like an HD television, an HD DVD player delivers superior visual quality compared to regular, non-HD electronics. The combination of an HD television and HD DVD player delivers images that are clearer, crisper and just seem more real to the viewer. In fact, the difference is significant enough that many people who experience watching their favorite movies, TV series or sports special on HD DVDs via an HD TV and HD DVD player have a hard time going back to non-HD viewing without a disappointing sense that everything now appears grainy.

Another feature of HD DVD players that makes them a low-risk investment is that they are backwards compatible, meaning that you can use an HD DVD player to watch not only any new HD DVDs that you buy, but all of your old, non-HD DVDs too -- albeit still in non-HD quality.

Cheap DVD Players -- Deal or No Deal?

While looking for the lowest price likely won't result in your bringing home one of the best DVD players on the market, you can certainly get a good-quality DVD player these days for considerably less than you could a few years ago, especially if you are a savvy shopper.

Watch for sales and compare flyers -- many stores offer a comparative price guarantee and will match or beat another company's lower price for the same item. Or if you can hold out until the holiday season, you can take advantage of the unbelievable deals that emerge during the biggest shopping days of the year, Black Friday and Cyber Monday.