Home theater projectors to complete your system

While still a popular pastime, movie theatre attendance has fallen off considerably in recent years. One of the several reasons that experts point to for this change is that personal-electronics technology has enabled movie-goers to recreate the theatre experience for themselves and their friends and family at home.

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Gone are the days when owning a projector meant you wished to subject your guests to tiresome hours of viewing the slides from your last cross-country tour of sand dunes; now, by investing in one of the many quality home theater projectors available for a -- perhaps surprisingly -- reasonable cost, you will be the most popular party host in your neighborhood.

LCD Projectors vs. DLP Projectors

LCD and DLP video projectors each have their unique advantages and disadvantages; as with most current technology-related decisions, such as whether to put your faith and money in Blue Ray or HD DVD players, which kind of projector is better depends heavily on your particular needs. A few key differences include:

  • Placement possibilities. LCD projectors offer more options than DLP projectors in terms of where they can be positioned relative to the projection screen. This means they offer greater set-up flexibility, which can be an important point within the potential spatial limitations of a home theater system if, like most people, you don't have an entire room in your home dedicated to viewing.
  • Visual Quality. Experts tend to lean toward DLP as the superior technology here, but both types of projectors can produce high-quality images, and both have their anomalies. Some people, if they sit too close to an LCD-projected image, experience the screen-door effect, which is exactly what it sounds like -- the image is compartmentalized as though seeing it through a screen door. DLP projectors, on the other hand, can cause the rainbow effect for some viewers: a momentary rainbow-colored blurring if the image or the eyes move too quickly across the projection screen.
  • Price. At present, DLP projectors are, generally speaking, more expensive than LCD projectors, although some home-theater connoisseurs argue the additional expense is worthwhile for a top-grade projector. If cost is a concern, however, then a good-quality LCD projector might be your best bet.