Speaker Systems

Home theater speaker systems to suit any space

Ask anyone who is, or who fancies himself or herself, an audio expert, what the best brand, model or set-up of home theater speaker system is, and you'll get a different answer from the last expert.

Some insist that the risk of permanently distorting your sound quality if you become too ambitious with the volume knob is well worth it in light of the superior sound you can get from hand-picking each of your speakers. Others prefer the peace of mind that comes from buying a pre-combined set because they are made to work together, and there is therefore less chance of blowing a speaker -- not to mention that this is the easier and much more comfortable option for the average consumer.

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One thing is for sure: from professional, cost-as-much-as-a-sports-car-or-more speaker systems, to good-but-not-as-pricy Bose speaker systems, to priced-for-affordability major-electronics-brand speaker systems, there are a lot of options out there when it comes to your listening pleasure.

Why to Consider Wireless Speaker Systems

If you're buying a speaker system for movie or TV watching, or even for any kind of serious music appreciation, chances are you're looking for a surround-sound system (and if you're not, you should be). There's really only one reason to consider installing a wireless surround-sound speaker system: it's wireless.

In other words, it doesn't come with all the annoyances, inconveniences and even dangers of a wired system. Wires along the wall, ceiling or floor are an eyesore and, in the latter case, can present a significant tripping hazard which could at best result in a narrowly avoided accident, and at worst damage your speaker system or cause personal injury.

Setting Up Surround Speaker Systems

Wireless or not, the quality of your listening experience depends significantly not only on which of the myriad available home theater speaker systems you choose, but on the positioning of those speakers. Check your enclosed directions or your speaker manufacturer's website and you'll likely find a detailed diagrams and a description of how the proper placement of your speakers, relative to where your television and sofas are, will optimize your surround-sound enjoyment.

Another option, if you aren't confident that you can independently maximize the acoustics of your entertainment room, is that you can opt to buy your speakers from an electronics dealer that includes complimentary in-home set-up -- many do.